14m 45s | Norway | 2019 | Director: Ole-André Rønneberg | Australian Premiere | OPENING NIGHT SESSION 17 JULY

Day in, and day out Gunnar is doing the same things. He drinks his coffee, fishes with his boat, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays he is having his out door bath. But one day a mermaid comes in with the tides, and he must use his bathtub for her. When the bathing day comes and the bathtub is occupied it is getting complicated for Gunnar.

  • Director: Ole-André Rønneberg

  • Writer: Ole-André Rønneberg

  • Producer: Ole-André Rønneberg

  • Key Cast: Viggo Solum

  • Key Cast: Anne Cecilie

  • DOP: Tor Sivertstøl

  • Editor: Skafti Gudmundsson

  • Sound Design: Lars Nikolay Riksheim

  • Art Direction: Stig Øien

  • Sound Design; Jonas Høgseth

  • Composer: Daniel Herskedal

  • Language: Norwegian

  • Country: Norway

  • Genres: Drama, Society

 Director: Ole-André Rønneberg