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Director: Arshia Zeinali | Live Action | Iran | World Premiere | 2019 | 9:07 mins

CRUSHER is a social story of a fired laborer who used to work in a stone crusher plant. His life gets in crisis as a result of the rumors about war and the rise of dollar currency. Eventually, he decides to do something with lasting effects.
The short film, CRUSHER, is the story of a man who is bogged down in his life while the smooth pace of the film is actually the calm before the storm.


Director: Arshia Zeinali
Producer: Shabnam Madadi 
Cinematography: Rasool Davari 
Editor: Hossein Besharati 
Music by : Shahram Shafie 
Sound design: Alireza Daryadel 
Sound mix and master: Alireza Daryadel

Cast: ‌‌Arshia Zeinali, Saba Mahdavi, Mohammad Hosein Ghlizadeh