3m 29s | USA | 2020 | Director: Henrike Lendowski | Australian Premiere | THURSDAY 23 JULY SHORTS SESSION NO.9

Diminuendo visualizes the detrimental effects plastic waste has on marine life and the environment from an emotional point of view. Through visual metaphors, the viewer is guided through sceneries that get more and more covered by plastic. To emphasize the contrast between the natural world and the plastic world, the animation is done entirely with ink on paper, except for the plastic, which stands apart from the oceanic life in bright digital yellow. The two parts are united through the pulsing paper texture that shines through the semi-opaque yellow as a constant reminder of the underlying life it covers. But there is room for change. In the end, it is never too late for a helping hand.

  • Director: Henrike Lendowski

  • Animator: Henrike Lendowski

  • Sound: Felix Waverley-Hudson

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 Director: Henrike Lendowski