86mins | UK | 2020 | Director: Louise K Wilson | Curated by Shaun Wilson | RETROSPECTIVE

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This program shows a range of moving image work made over the last seventeen years by UK artist Louise K Wilson. Her use of film and video is on occasion raw - the project ‘Spadeadam’, for instance, made use of a hand held camera to explore the concrete ruins of a rocket test site. At other times her work embraces more high-end production values - the project ‘Runway’ was filmed over a single day with a camera crew distributed on the ground and in the air, in order to document an extraordinary, choreographed group activity. At the heart of all the work though is an interest in examining our fraught and complex relationship to place, in the form of acoustic fields, scarred surfaces, traces of histories and pluralistic, non-linear modes of temporality. Attention to the relationship between sound and image is prevalent in work by artists David Chapman (UK) and Michal Kindernay (Czech Republic), with whom Wilson has been fortunate to have collaborated. Solo works by these artists keenly explore the natural world, its intensities, its surfaces and the exploitation of its resources.

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Euphony, (10:31 mins) dir: Louise K Wilson

Nurrungar (2:25 mins) Louise K Wilson

Temple of Decision (8:09 mins) dir: David Chapman, Louise K Wilson

Woomera (1:42 mins) dir: Louise K Wilson

Hark 2 (8:13 mins) dir: David Chapman, David Cottridge

Spadedam (23:11 mins) dir: Louise K Wilson

Runway (8:39 mins) dir: Louise K Wilson

Lab 6 (3:12 mins) dir: Louise K Wilson

Horizontalis (8:00 mins) dir: Michal Kindernay, Louise K Wilson

Cargo (4:00 mins) dir: Michal Kindernay

Transformations/Vapours/Melanosis -  (8:40 mins) dir: Michal Kindernay

  • Director: Louise K Wilson

  • David Chapman

  • David Cottridge

  • Michal Kindernay

  • Language: English

  • Country: UK

  • Genres:  Experimental


Director: Louise K Wilson