13m 21s | France | 2019 | Director: Fabien Ara | Australian Premiere | SHORTS SESSION NO.10

SIMON: ”I want to be a girl, mommy.” Alma freezes. She doesn’t know how to react: from now on, her 8-year-old son wants to dress up like a fairy to go to school. She asks for help from her neighbours. Soon the whole building is debating on Simon’s choice for gender orientation.

  • Director: Fabien Ara

  • Writer: Fabien Ara

  • Producer: Amélie Quéret

  • Key Cast: Nathanael Maini

  • Key Cast: Serge Barbagallo

  • Key Cast: Geneviève Emmanuelli

  • Key Cast: Marie-Pierre Nouveau

  • Key Cast: Brigitte Aubry

  • Key Cast: Ange-Nicolas Castellotti

  • Key Cast: Capucine Lespinas

  • Costume Designer: Sylvie Néant

  • DOP: Thomas Jacquet

  • Editor: Émilie Janin

  • Sound Designer: Thibaut Macquart

  • Composer: Sylvain Morizet

  • Language: French

  • Country: France

  • Genres: Drama, Society,  LGBT

 Director: Fabien Ara

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