16m 25s | South Africa | 2019 | Director: Julia Jansch | Australian premiere | OPENING NIGHT SESSION NO2 17 JULY

On drought-ridden Southernmost tip of Africa, Eliza taps into her divine heritage to search for water. A mile away, the roaming Rotterdams have recently arrived in the region, only to set off again in search of a solution to the dwindling water reserves on the farm. They leave their only son, Maddox, behind. Now alone and free to preoccupy himself with his own time and ghastly imagination, Maddox stumbles upon Eliza searching for fresh water. She might just be the one to quench his thirst. Far from the Castle is a psycho-sexual fable warning us that while water owes nothing to nobody, it still speaks louder than words.

  • Director: Julia Jansch

  • Writer: Julia Jansch

  • Producer: Roberta Durrant, Julia Jansch

  • Key Cast: Nicole Fortuin

  • Key Cast: Cody Mountain

  • Key Cast: Soli Philander

  • Key Cast:  David Dukas

  • Key Cast:  Erica Wessels

  • DOP: Adam Bentel

  • Art Direction: Andree Du Preez

  • Costume Design: Julia Jansch

  • Sound: Keith Hodne

  • Editor: Tricia Holmes

  • Sound Design: Keith Hodne

  • Composer: Ariel Marx

  • Language: English

  • Country: South Africa

  • Genres: Drama

 Director: Christina Tournatzés