7m 53s | Colombia | 2020 | Director: Guillermo Trujillo | Australia Premiere | SHORTS SESSION NO.4

Three dead birds fall unexpectedly into the garden of Bia's house while she playing with her sister. Bird-loving Bia, looks for the possible causes of these mysterious deaths. Reasons that could be the harbinger of the arrival at her home could be caused by a deadly virus that has the whole world in lockdown and could change their lives forever. This short film was filmed at home during the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020.

  • Director: Guillermo Trujillo

  • Writer: Guillermo Trujillo

  • Producer: Guillermo Trujillo

  • Key Cast: Guillermo Trujillo

  • Key Cast: Emma Trujillo

  • Key Cast: Luis Fernando Jaramillo

  • Key Cast: Juliana Rios​

  • Language: Spanish

  • Country: Colombia

  • Genres: Drama, COVID-19

 Director: Guillermo Trujillo

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