1h 17m | USA | 2019 | Director: Kate Ryan Brewer | Australian Premiere | SUNDAY DOCUMENTARY

Thousands of women are forced into marriage across the U.S. legally. Through a combination of in-depth interviews and creative visuals, this dynamic documentary film explores the truth about forced marriage in the western world through complicated experience of those who have survived it.

  • Director/ Writer : Kate Ryan Brewer

  • Producer: Paige Livingston

  • Producer: Jasmine Lord

  • Producer: Timothy Ryan

  • Key Cast: Fraidy Reiss

  • Key Cast: Sara Tasneem

  • Key Cast: Nina Van Harn

  • Key Cast: Bella Waru

  • DOP: Jasmine Lord

  • Editor: Darmyn Calderon

  • Art Director: Chris Cook

  • Language: English

  • Country: United States

  • Genres: Documentary, women's rights

Director: Kate Ryan Brewer