17m 25s | China | 2019 | Director: Yang Kai | Australian premiere | OPENING NIGHT SESSION NO.2

Thoughts, like waves, going up and down in everyone's mind. Liu Yue, as a freshman in a professional company, a newcomer in the metropolis Shanghai, he feels like he is being carried by huge waves, any decision is forced. However, choose a city, choose a job, choose a way of love, all decisions are made by oneself. Even some of the decisions lead to a single way road, do you really have no choice of being yourself?

  • Director:  Yang Kai

  • Producer: Yang Kai

  • Writer: Yang Kai

  • Writer: Wu Tong

  • Key Cast: Wang Yibin

  • Key Cast: He Huan

  • Key Cast: Liu Mingming​

  • Language: Chinese

  • Country:  China

  • Genres: Drama,   

 Director: Yang Kai