19m 50s | Netherlands | 2019 | Director: Myrte Ouwerkerk | Australian premiere | SATURDAY SHORTS SESSION

In an air polluted future the 20 year old drummer Olly wants only one thing: to get inside the dome, where the air is clean and the best musicians live. In order to get in, he must take a series of absurd tests that pass false judgements on him. Will Olly cave and behave the way the system wants or will he remain true to himself?

  • Director: Myrte Ouwerkerk

  • Writer: Chiara Aerts

  • Producer: Rik Aerts, Nicky Onstenk

  • Key Cast: Christopher van der Meer

  • Key Cast: Selin Akkulak

  • Key Cast: Jacqui Wille

  • Key Cast: Boy Ooteman

  • Key Cast: Rita Olthoff

  • DOP: Erwin Smit

  • Sound: Andrea de Jonge

  • Editor: Wies Hundling

  • Sound Design: Andrea de Jonge

  • Composer: Matthijs Stautener

  • Language: Dutch

  • Country: Netherlands

  • Genres: Sci-Fi, Society

 Director: Myrte Ouwerkerk