89mins | Australia | 2020 | Director: Brendan Lee | Curated by Shaun Wilson | RETROSPECTIVE

Brendan Lee’s photographic, filmic and textual works explore the ever-changing nature of Australian cultural identity, and the elusive subject matter of the quintessentially Australian spirit. Drawing from popular culture, particularly mainstream film, Lee’s artworks present humorous and somewhat poignant mash-up narratives of stereotypical Aussies living in the outer suburbs. Specifically, Lee's ongoing project examines the cultural and historical differences between Larrikins, Bogans and Hoons, their approaches to competition, affiliations and filmic references.

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Lee’s subject matter goes to the core of the Australian male's competitive nature and looks outside of the mainstream for his references. Games of chance, motor sports and drinking contests are all subjects Lee brings to the forefront in his search for the Australian spirit.


Currently Lee has published two novels Bogan Proof Fences and Ignorant Bliss. Lee is working on his third novel titled High Beams

  • Director: Brendan Lee

  • Language: English

  • Country: Australia

  • Genres:  Art, Experimental


Director: Brendan Lee