18m 30s | Australia | 2019 | Director: Sandra McKellar | TUESDAY 21 JULY SHORTS SESSION NO.7

Sharon tries to avoid dealing with a family issue by hopping onto the online travel forum she loves. Only when Helen asks advice on sending two teenage girls to Vietnam alone, Sharon's concern reveals her hidden past.

  • Director: Sandra McKellar

  • Writer: Sandra McKellar

  • Producer: Sandra McKellar

  • Producer: Steve Ralbovsky

  • Key Cast: Megan Drury

  • Key Cast: Anna Cheney

  • Key Cast: Jeannie Gee

  • Key Cast: Scott Lowe

  • DOP: Tom Gleeson

  • Editor: Ruta Sile

  • Sound Designer: James Evans

  • Composer: Hans Michael Anselmo Hess

  • Language: English

  • Country: Australia

  • Genres: Drama, Female narrative

Director: Sandra McKellar