24m | France | 2019 | Director: Clémence Marcadier | Australian Premiere |  SHORTS SESSION No.3

The Great War. Ernest, an 18 years old French sapper, digs a tunnel deep underground in order to place dynamite at a strategic position. But so does the enemy. He is so close that one can hear his voice.

  • Director: Clémence Marcadier

  • Writer: Clémence Marcadier

  • Writer:: Thomas Mazingue

  • Producer: Olivier Chabalier 

  • Producer: Clémence Marcadier

  • Key Cast: Florian Colas

  • Key Cast: Vincent Menjou-Cortes

  • Key Cast: Théo Costa-Marini

  • Key Cast:  Aaron Roggeman

  • DOP: Nicolaos Zafirioul

  • Editor: Sarah Ternat

  • Sound Design; Juliette Heintz

  • Composer: Julien Bellanger

  • Language: French

  • Country: France

  • Genres: Drama, Society

 Director: Clémence Marcadier