Tammy Honey

Festival Director

Tammy Honey is an Australian film producer and gender innovator with a keen interest in arthouse cinema. Having lived in the region for over ten years, Tammy has been involved in the production and advocacy of Australian cinema through active engagement of film markets such as the Cannes Film Festival and in the gallery sector, the TATE Modern, Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane, ACMI and FACT Liverpool. She has managed cultural and arts events in Melbourne and curatorial projects at CAST Hobart, Gasworks Arts Park Melbourne, and the Melbourne Fringe Festival.


Leon Marvell

Formerly an Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media at Deakin University, Dr. Marvell has taught Film and Media Studies in Australia, P. R. China and Cyprus. A regular contributor to art and media journals, he is the author of The Physics of ‘Transfigured Light: The Imaginal Realm and the Hermetic Foundations of Science’ and co-author of ‘Endangering Science Fiction Film’ (American Film Institute Film) and has contributed scholarly chapters to a number of books on contemporary media arts. He is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Visual Arts at the University of Melbourne.

Aishwarya Ramji 

Aishwarya Ramji is a visual effects artist, actor and teacher. Originally from India where she studied Electronic Media and film, worked on set with regional and Bollywood films before moving to Melbourne to study animation and visual effects. Since being in Melbourne she has worked with independent film directors which includes acting as well as post-production work. She is currently teaching at film pre-production and sound design at RMIT University and creating visual art.

Sarah-Jane Woulahan

Sarah-Jane Woulahan is a Melbourne-based writer and director whose work spans fiction, documentary, art and VR. Her shorts have screened at festivals internationally including SxSW and her HotShots funded sci-fi short A Terrible Beauty premiered at MIFF 2016. Its feature incarnation Love is a Dream is in development with funding from Screen Australia Gender Matters initiative. She has directed music videos for artists including Silverchair and Missy Higgins and created video art works for VIVID Sydney. She’s represented for commercial work by Monster & Bear where she specialises in progressive content tackling political and social issues such as feminism, disability and mental health. She is also a lecturer and PhD Candidate at RMIT University.

Damian Schofield

Damian Schofield grew up in a small mining town in the north of England. He has spent most of his life living on different continents including Europe, southern Africa, India, Australia and the USA. Damian has had a wide range of previous employment including working as a consultant for the FBI, a company director, software developer and he has even built facial reconstructions of Egyptian mummies for television documentaries. He is now settled in upstate New York where he works as a computer science professor specialising in graphical reconstructions used in TV, movies and video games. 

josh at theatre.jpg
Joshua Hunter Adams

Joshua Hunter Adams is a film and digital film production professor who has worked in the film and television industry for 20 years, from Eastern Canada to Los Angeles California. His areas of speciality: no-budget film production, location filmmaking, directing, the Hollywood model, screenwriting (the Sequence Approach), and digital production. He has also served as Director of the SUNYWide Film Festival. 

Li Ping Thong

Dr Li Ping Thong is a lecturer and program manager of the Digital Media program at RMIT University. Li Ping has vast experience practising, teaching and researching in a myriad range of digital media specialisations, including 2D/3D animation, interactive media, app development, serious games, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). 

Stephanie Andrews large pic.jpg
Stephanie Andrews

Stephanie began as a Technical Director at Pixar and is currently the Industry Fellow Lecturer in Virtual Reality for the Digital Media department at the RMIT School of Design. She has worked extensively in 3D graphics, including animation, motion capture, programming, and UX design.  She’s created curriculum innovations and won major grants for stereoscopic research. An internationally exhibiting artist, her works explore kinetic sculpture, holography, digital imaging, and installation. She’s provided leadership for online product design companies and 3D printing startups. Recently, she was Creative Director for the VR/neuroscience company Liminal and is completing her PhD.

Monique Wright

Monique Wright spent her childhood and early adult life in Geelong until recently moving to Brisbane as an animator who specialises in 2D animation and popular culture history. She was a lecturer in film and digital media at RMIT University, has worked as a SPX makeup artist on short and feature films and is currently a freelance character and effects animator. Moni has an eclectic taste in film including Rambo, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and Stalker but can’t resist a good Fellini film. 

Janis Lesinskis

Janis Lesinskis is an independent producer and visual artist. His work has been selected for festivals including Melbourne International Film Festival and the international touring exhibition Spectacle: The Music Video Exhibition curated via the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati. He has worked substantially in the school of film and television at the Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne, Media Arts and Screen and Media Production programs at RMIT University, Melbourne as a lecturer, curriculum developer and supervising producer.