15m | Germany | 2019 | Director: Robin Lochmann | Australia Premiere | SHORTS SESSION NO.4

In a forgotten village, where everyone is cut from the same cloth, a new, self-proclaimed leader arrives changing the local way of life. Dividing lines are carved out as the once unified society is torn and segregated. THEM is a cautionary tale of misguided ideologies, destructive leadership and of being an outsider. But most importantly, it is a film about celebrating what we have in common rather than what separates us.

  • Director/ Writer: Robin Lochmann

  • Producer: Matthias Schwerbrook

  • Producer: Robin Lochmann

  • Key Cast: Ryan James

  • Key Cast: Yalin Özer

  • DOP: Mika Ceron

  • Animation:  Robin Lochmann

  • Art Direction: Berton Pierce

  • Editor:  Robin Lochmann

  • Sound Design: Frank Kruse

  • Music: Thomas Moked Blum

  • Country: Germany

  • Genres:  Animation, Society

Headshot d98a411d50-headshot.jpg

 Director: Robin Lochmann