20m 29s | USA | 2019 | Director: Honey Lauren | Australian Premiere | OPENING NIGHT SESSION 17 JULY

Wives of the Skies, set in 1965, stars two stewardesses, Fran and Marcy. Derrick, a British photojournalist interviews them as ‘subjects” for his “documentary film” and they are revealed as very different then Derrick ever hoped for or could possibly have expected. As they get to know each other, Wives Of The Skies makes a contemporary socio-cultural statement regarding the meme of “the good girl, drawn bad”. It clarifies the impact of the overarching “men’s gaze” which objectifies women as carnal sex objects men seek, while they look for love. Along the way, addressing the primitive issue of Trust vs. Mistrust, Wives Of the Skies displays the Japanese art of rope binding, Kinbaku.

  • Director/ Writer: Honey Lauren

  • Producer: Davey Robertson

  • Key Cast: Rachel Alig

  • Key Cast: Drew Brandon Jones

  • Key Cast: Maddison Bullock

  • Key Cast: Sebastien Fernandez

  • DOP: Davey  Robertson

  • Sound: Adam Bloch

  • Editor:  Davey  Robertson

  • Language: English

  • Country: USA

  • Genre: Comedy

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 Director: Honey Lauren